Monday, July 30, 2012

Proving Pinterest: Corn Meal Killing Ants

So a little while back.... okay a long while back... I remember seeing a pin on Pinterest that claimed corn meal was a simple way to get rid of ants without worrying about your kids or pets getting into the poison.  The theory is that the ants pick up the corn meal and take it back home, but they can't digest it so it kills them and all their little friends.  Lucky for me, it hast taken me 2 months into the summer before I had a reason to try this out (I thank my chickens for this.  I did see an ant pile once this summer.... then I watched my chickens sit there and eat and eat and eat till most of the ants were gone.  It was awesome).  Alas, last week I spilled some dog food on the steps and didn't bother to pick it up.  An hour later I walked outside and there were ants covering my steps.  An excellent opportunity to try out the corn meal!

I proceeded inside, trying to remember where I put that stuff that I hardly ever use.  I found it and sprinkled it lightly over my steps.  Obviously, it didn't kill them on the spot but I am pretty sure it did it's job.  Within an hour there were a lot less ants there, but not less dog food.  By the end of the day there were only 5 ants working on one piece of dog food.

The best part?  When I decided I should write this blog about how well this works I thought there should be pictures.  I proceeded to reenact everything so I could take pictures.... but that didn't work so well.  No ants came!

Verdict?  Awesome solution to get rid of these pests.  No worrying about poisoning your little ones and no cleaning up piles of dead ants.

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